Nature tourism workshop


Business owners, ranchers, local development officials, conservationists, and others interested in building up the region’s nature-based tourism industry: Join the University of Nebraska’s Center for Great Plains Studies for a free workshop to explore how you can turn the growing interest in nature tourism into an economic opportunity.

For those who have experienced it, the Great Plains’ rolling grasslands, charismatic wildlife, and boundless scenery fill the heart with wonder. Though often disparaged as “fly-over” country, in fact the Plains are filled with fascinating biodiversity and wonderful opportunities for exploration while also harboring critically endangered habitats. The public is becoming more interested in nature-based tourism — many know of the economic benefits that the influx of Sandhill crane watchers have brought to businesses in central Nebraska — so how do we create other success stories?

Working together with local businesses, landowners, and communities is an effective conservation strategy to promote thriving rural communities and preserve our natural heritage and wild places.

The workshop will be held at Chadron State College on Dec. 9 at 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in at the Mari Sandoz Center’s Chicoine Center Atrium.

Topics include:

– Nature tourism as a multi-pronged approach for business
– Liability for nature tourism providers (Anthony Schutz, UNL Law)
– Eco business practices (Rick Yoder, UNOBDC)
– 2017 solar eclipse nature opportunities
– Tell the Center what to study/promote

The workshop, as well as lunch, is free; we ask you to register so we can plan accordingly. Register here:

The Center’s Great Plains Ecotourism Coalition’s campaign to research and market nature-based tourism is part of a project funded by the Rural Futures Institute.