Reefs to Rockies: New Ecotourism Coalition Member

Reefs to Rockies is our newest Great Plains Ecotourism Coalition member. These members either run an ecotourism operation or support ecotourism in the Great Plains and are focused on environmental stewardship and creating meaningful experiences for travelers.

Reefs to Rockies is a tour company that designs custom trips to help guests experience nature and wildlife through the lens of conservation and sustainable tourism. They have annual trips to several Great Plains destinations that focus on wildlife.

The company has developed an American Serengeti Series, a group of customizable tours that showcase the Great Plains. Their Spring Magic in Nebraska tour, for example, highlights migratory and local birds including the Sandhill crane and the prairie chicken.

From Reefs to Rockies:

“The first step in conservation is appreciation. Our goal with our American Serengeti Trip Series is to take you to the heart of what makes the Great Plains so special. These trips will showcase some of the most impressive wildlife spectacles in North America. We’ll share stories from the region’s past while seeing firsthand what’s going on today and highlighting trends to a more sustainable future for the Great Plains.”

To prepare for the American Serengeti Series launch, Reefs to Rockies worked with several partners to bring the essence of safari to these trips, including a wildlife-viewing vehicle to allow greater exploration. The “Roaming Bison” vehicle is completely outfitted with a pop-top on hydraulic lift, custom seating for a max of seven guests, and 4-wheel drive (always helpful on the Plains!).

Co-founder Sheridan Samano has combined degrees in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and Biology and more than 15 years of global travel industry experience. Sheridan has dedicated her career, fieldwork, education and guiding to give others the resources to experience the world around them. Co-founder Lynda Gregory is a wildlife aficionado and family travel expert with years of experience in the global and local travel industries.

We’re happy to have Reefs to Rockies as a member of the Coalition.