Help us pick the Great Plains Big Five

The Big Five – Great Plains Edition

We need your input! We are on a quest to create “The Big Five of the Great Plains.” Similar to the African Big Five (African elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, lion, and rhino), the list would serve as both a call to action and rite of passage for travelers to explore the Great Plains region and see these animals with their own eyes (and cameras).

We need your help in determining the best species to include on the list! The species to be included should be charismatic, iconic species that call the Great Plains home. We’ll get the discussion started by suggesting three species that may fit the list: American Bison, Sandhill cranes, and pronghorn. Now it’s up to you, our Great Plains experts, to add more options to the list. Once we have a list of nominations, we will hold a poll at our April ecotourism conference to determine the select five that will represent the Great Plains.

Thanks for your input! The survey is now closed. We’ll announce results at Plains Safaris: A Conference on Tourism and Conservation in the Great Plains.


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