Great Plains Big Five chosen at Plains Safaris

Our readers and conference attendees have decided on the Great Plains Big Five!

Similar to the African Big Five (African elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, lion, and rhino), this list should serve as a call to action for travelers to explore the Great Plains region and see these animals with their own eyes (and cameras).

We had Visit the Prairie readers choose the nominees and the attendees of our recent Plains Safaris conference vote on the final winners. Our instructions were to choose the animals people should make sure to learn about when they travel the Great Plains. Here are the winners.

#1: Bison

Our national mammal and most iconic species of the Great Plains

#2: Prairie dog

Their intricate calls and mannerisms make for quite a display

#3: Sandhill crane

The star of one of the greatest migrations on the planet

#4: Prairie chicken

This grassland dancer brings birders flocking to the Plains

#5: Pronghorn

These quick and graceful creatures favor the western Great Plains