Welcome new member: Great Plains Trail Alliance

Great Plains Trail

gp-trail-alliance-squareThe Great Plains Trail Alliance is a nonprofit organization with the goal of developing a viable long distance hiking/biking/horse riding route through the Great Plains.

From Guadalupe Peak in Texas to the U.S./Canada border, the organization has routed 2,200 miles of trails and scenic roads to follow. Increasing trail miles and decreasing road miles will be an ongoing effort.

In 2016, our first “thru” hiker, Luke “Strider” Jordan, completed the entire route in just 90 days. It was an epic journey that brought him through many changes in climate and terrain. Luke was inspired by the scenery of the Great Plains, but his hike was made truly special by the people he met along the way.

“The Great Plains is a national treasure, and we believe the best way to experience its unique landscape and culture is get out there and have an adventure,” said GPTA Founder and Director Steve Myers. “We look forward to working with the Great Plains Ecotourism Coalition to help more people experience the “Great” in the Great Plains.”

Great Plains Trail Alliance Mission Statement:  The mission of the GPTA is to establish, develop, preserve and promote a long-distance, public, non-motorized trail running north/south through the Great Plains region of North America for the purposes of recreation, conservation, education, and inspiration.